We are a company dedicated to Marketing
and Commercialization of pharmaceutical products.
We conform a staff sharing human values and professional experience
in an ethical, participative and efficient working environment.


Rinque Pharma’s team consolidated by a large joint experience contributes to improve people’s quality of life.


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Represented Companies

Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Kedrion Biopharma
Pierre Fabre Oncología


This Section is intended for the Reporting of Suspected Adverse Events, associated to one or more drugs related to our Company.


A new medical information portal at the tip of your finger

Cristália from Brazil and Rinque Pharma S.A. from Uruguay, have the pleasure of «Putting a New Medical Information website on your fingertip». This website has been developed with the support of SAEP (Anesthesia Society of the State of São Paulo, Brazil) as a scientific support in areas of Anesthesia, Pain and Intensive Medicine. The main … Continued

Rinque Pharma began the activities at its offices in Carrasco.

Since 2014, Rinque Pharma has been a company dedicated to the commercialization and marketing of pharmaceutical products in several therapeutic areas. Rinque Pharma and its Represented Companies are governed by Good Manufacturing, Laboratory and Distribution Practices, Quality Assurance Policies and Pharmacovigilance of its products. Rinque Pharma works for all of Uruguay from its head offices … Continued